Marie Jeanne Vétiver Santal Eau de Parfum 100ml 3.4FL.OZ

Vétiver Santal

Eau de Parfum / 100ml / 20%
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At once fresh and powerful, Vétiver Santal successfully combines the rustic scent of vetiver with the smooth scent of sandalwood by way of vetiver's hazelnut facets and sandalwood's milky facets. This brilliant pairing is further augmented by the addition of sweet notes of benzoin and the earthy din of patchouli for a perfume that simply exudes elegance and modernity.
Sidonie Lancesseur
Top: Beragmot (Italy), petitgrain (Paraguay), lemon
Heart: Sandalwood (New Caledonia), vetiver (Haiti), cypress
Base: Patchouli (Indonesia), benzoin (Siam)